Design, experiencing life.

Lai Wei graduated from Master of Visual Communication Design program in the Herberger Institute for the Design and the Art, Arizona State University. He comes from Fujian, the Southeast coast of China, and got his bachelor degree from the Digital Media Design at the Xiamen University, TKK collage.  Through his schooling time, he equipped skills and knowledge of graphic design, web design, motion graphic, video editing, interactive design, design thinking, biomimicry design, mindfulness, etc.,

Lai really thinks to inherit and protect the traditional culture from losing is an essential issue, he designed a Chinese traditional paper-cutting book to demonstrate how traditional culture could switch to the modern art styles and meet the aesthetic of young people in today’s society. This project had been selected as a Design Excellence Nomination in his final graduate exhibition. In addition, he also worked for ASU Confucius Institute as a Chinese curriculum teaching assistant and a graphic designer, helping students who want to study in China to have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture, promoting cultural exchange.

Music, art, and design are in the same family. Lai likes listening to music and visiting museums to increase his creativity. By the way, he played saxophone when he was young. He and his high school classmates made a music dancing video for the street dancing club in his high school to memorize the times they had fun together, and that video obtained highly hit rate and was reported by the local press.

Lai really enjoys to have different life experience. He is now staying in China and finding his new career. In 2018, he was in NYC and work for Lemon Media Group as a designer and a photographer. His internship in Xinhua News Agency North America brings him various chances to see what’s going on in America. He was taking charge of report community news on the official social media account to the public. In that case, he visited lots of places and events in NYC, interviewed people from all over the world to get commons and ideas about the things happened in The Big Apple. In addition, Lai spent some of his schooling time in Philippines and Switzerland as well. All these treasurable experience gave him an extensive and authentic mind of thinking.

What will be the next exciting experience for him? Well, he can’t wait to see it…