This is a 2D motion graphic design, for memorize my trip on 2013 with my friends. The idea behind this motion graphic is to give the audiences an opportunity to think deeper about the relationship between friends and ourselves. Are we approaching others with some motivation or just with a pure mind? Which is the best way to keep the relationships when it goes worse? All of these questions are quite valuable to the modern individuals. The entire video does not have a clear story line, however, it offers audiences free imagination to have their own sense of this work.

Just like people who live in the real world have various personalities, in this design, all these characters were installed with several kinds of characteristics. It is easy to analyze the characters’ personalities through different shapes and colors they have. For instance, the triangle means sharpness and aggression, while the circle hints smoothness and moderation. Moreover, as well as the shapes, the different percent of colors also can present the characters’s nature.