Ibm Cognos License Agreement

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Transfers of claims The only way to achieve compliance at the site number level and therefore at the entity level. IBM authorizes a group balance (see IBM`s standard agreement) for a multi-numbered location company, so group-level compliance may not mean compliance on each site. AAE transfers are an administrative process with IBM. Reception sites — usually — to their IBM sales agent — provide information about what permissions they should get and what services they should receive. Permission of the giving sites is then necessary. Your IBM sales agent can provide you with the necessary form that needs to be filled out to trigger transfers. If the program is replaced by a trade-up, the license of the replaced program will be immediately terminated. Overview of subscription and support programs and administrative documents: IBM Cognos customers are in one of four categories: 1. If you are an IBM Cognos subscription and support customer who has migrated from IBM Cognos Standard Support to IBM`s Passport Advantage (PA) or IBM Passport Advantage Express (PAE), please check IBM Support Handbook software and visit Passport Advantage Online for more information about the program.

PA and PAE cover new licensing acquisitions and subscriptions and software media (S-S) 2. If you are an ibm Cognos directly subscription and support customer who has not yet migrated to IBM Passport Advantage (PA) or IBM Passport Advantage Express (PAE) and is currently eligible for IBM Cognos` legacy Standard Support support, please see the IBM Cognos support guide for more information on program details and services: 3. If you are an IBM Cognos subscription and direct support customer who is eligible for the old IBM Cognos Advantage or Premier Support program, regardless of your standard support program (Legacy IBM Cognos Standard Support, IBM Passport Advantage Express or IBM Advantage Passport Express), please see the IBM Cognos Support Guide for more information on program details and services: 4. Some IBM Cognos partners are accredited and migrate to the IBM Software ValueNet (SWVN) program. For more information about the program, visit the following website: j. Assimil8 Limited as a partner of IBM remains independent and independent of IBM. Assimil8 Limited is not liable for IBM`s actions or statements or obligations to Licensee.k. Licensing and intellectual protection provisions for other agreements made by the licensee with Assimil8 Limited (for example.

B a framework agreement) do not apply to program licences granted under this agreement.l. L Li can change depending on changes made by IBM. The licensee undertakes to monitor changes to IBM`s website and to implement the corresponding changes in the use of programs.m by the licensee. The underwriters authorize Assimil8 Limited and IBM The program may contain the third-party code, the Assimil8 Limited, and not the third party, the licensee`s licensees under this agreement. Indications, if they exist, for the third-party code (“Third-Party Notes”) are provided only for information provided by the licensee.