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The issue of health care is a sensitive issue for the union and the school district as both parties work to develop a new contract. According to Graeber, if an employee chooses health insurance himself, everything is fine. That`s when it comes to taking on dependent people, like children, where employees ranked a real financial blow, if the district gets what it wants in a new contract. So far, there has been no evidence of fraud or embezzlement, Bridges said. But there was negligence. Chris Graeber, president of the employees` union, which represents workers such as guards, employees and bus drivers, said a lawyer who was fired from the district also collected health care a year later. It`s official. California`s superintendent of public education sent a letter Thursday to elected members of Ingelwood`s management telling them the state would take over the school district. The state superintendent, Tom Torlakson, sent the one-sided letter to Trina Williams, chair of the school board. It is said that the state law that authorized the district`s bailout loan also requires the state superintendent to assume the rights, duties and legal powers of the Inglewood Unified School Board.

The union representing classified workers said it hoped the administration of state bankruptcy would involve a 15 percent reduction approved by board members, which was approved days before the state takeover. School district staff who do not work in administration, such as cafeteria employees. B, facilitators and teachers, is expected to work within the last 20 to 12 days for the next 2012-2013 school year. And in an interview with The Wave on Monday, Peter Somberg, president of the Inglewood Teachers Association (ITA), said Kirk-Carter was trying to get the union to tear up a collective agreement negotiated by Taylor and then ratified by membership. But it was precisely this pact that led directly to Kent`s resignation, and the ITA was informed in December – a month before its members ratified the agreement – by a letter from Scott Hannan, former director of school tax services, that Taylor did not have the authority to sign the intent to sign the intent and that it would be withdrawn. “It`s not something you can be happy about,” said Chris Graeber, the union`s foreign affairs chief, whose members have already taken 12 days. “But now we`re at least dealing with someone who will really be looking for the best interests of the students.” “We hope for an agreement,” Graeber said. “They are setting up a very expensive plan for health insurance. You force that if you have children, you would make sure to pay for your children $500 to $1,000 a month, if there is no cost now. We say we cannot afford it. Nevertheless, the renewal of the CHP contract drew the ire of Christopher Graeber, field officer for california professional employees, Local Union 2345, and the union that represents school district employees such as administrators, office workers, food services and teachers. Now Kirk-Carter is in the unfortunate chance to convince teachers not to stick to an agreement they had signed with Taylor; it includes several days of furlough, but no significant concessions in denpons or benefits. But union leaders see the buyout as a question of fairness.

The Inglewood union expects a round of layoffs in the coming weeks, and the teachers` union is facing a possible 15% pay cut. The union and the school district will meet in April before the employment agency to discuss the possibility of reaching an agreement. The loss of students is a large part of the district that loses money. From the 2007/08 school year to 2016/17, the county lost 4,932 students, a 34 percent drop. If charter schools are to be included, these figures are 20 per cent (3,189 pupils).