This was a unique design studio class made up students from multiple disciplines within The Design School at Arizona State University. The goal for this studio class was to explore mindfulness and biomimicry fundamentals while incorporating them with design elements into a new way of design thinking and encourage the practice of mindfulness throughout the design campus.

Our journey started with our Global Engagement Trip to Switzerland, where we explored mindfulness and they various ways it can be applied: through self-awareness, nature, and design. We practiced meditating in different environments, immersing ourselves in the moment, embracing our surroundings, and developed a sense of awareness that allowed us to think deeply about the connections between mindfulness and design.

Throughout the semester, our class practiced the idea of “mindfulness” by using various daily meditation techniques to help relieve stress, maintain focus and balance. These daily practices helped us reflect on our goals for the studio and our task with the Mindfulness Center to encourage the practice of mindfulness among students at ASU.

To guide us while conceptualizing these experiences, we created truths, suppositions, and a matrix for scale to serve as our guidelines for designing these experiences. The idea of identifying the stimulus and response of a moment, and being aware of the “gap” between them, led us to the concept of manifesting the “gap” as a physical experiences, to heighten one’s awareness and encourage reflection.