Oxfordshire Housing And Growth Deal Outline Agreement

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As part of our agreement on the growth agreement with the government, all our local authorities have committed to establishing a Common Legal Space Plan (JSSP) known as Plan Oxfordshire 2050. Oxfordshire thrives. Over the past decade, our cumulative growth has been stronger than in any other local jurisdiction. However, investments in infrastructure were not kept informed. The agreement contributes to the development of new transport infrastructure and social services, as well as the development of new housing and sustainable communities. These include future funds for road and railway improvement programmes for existing municipalities and for the development of new development sites. In addition, funds will be provided by developers for municipal infrastructure such as schools, health centres and community centres. The Oxfordshire Housing and Growth Deal, announced in today`s budget (22 November 2017), provides $60 million for affordable housing and $150 million for infrastructure improvements, including roads and rail. The Growth Council wants the agreement to be the first step in a lasting partnership with the government to ensure ongoing investments.

The framework agreement sets out the basic framework of the agreement. It is also supported by the delivery plan and paramedia documents for affordable housing allowances. The Oxfordshire 2050 plan is one of the commitments made by the six Oxfordshire authorities under the $215 million housing and growth agreement, which will contribute to the creation of new housing, including affordable and social housing and infrastructure for the county – while contributing to the fight against climate change. This is the same level of housing growth that was already envisaged in existing and emerging Oxfordshire local plans. The agreement also offers Oxfordshire bespoke agreements that offer protection against speculative planning demands for the next three years. With the participation of the six authorities, the plan will be able to take into account the needs of the county and guide its strategies to bring future housing and infrastructure closer together. This will support the target of building 100,000 new homes in Oxfordshire between 2011 and 2031 to cope with the severe housing shortage and expected economic growth of the county. The plan does not include housing or employment sites. Instead, key areas for sustainable growth are identified, with housing and employment figures, while examining how they can help combat climate change, improve water efficiency and reduce flood risks. Districts will then use it to develop future local plans that will provide a detailed overview of how housing and infrastructure will be made available and how they will respond to the climate emergency. This ambitious and comprehensive investment program will contribute to sustainable development focused on space quality and housing at a more affordable price.

In the city of Oxford, the average house price is more than 10 times the median income and up to 17 times the median income. The agreement supports Oxfordshire`s ambitions to plan and support around 100,000 new homes, including affordable housing, across the county between 2011 and 2031 to cope with the severe housing shortage and expected economic growth. On September 12, 2018, the first of the planning flexibilities agreed under the agreement was adopted by a written ministerial statement. This has changed Oxfordshire`s rural procurement policy, while its common legal space plan is being developed. The agreement will enable young people to develop the skills needed to create opportunities in Oxfordshire`s emerging growth sectors and support those at risk of social exclusion.