Sap Crm Business Agreement

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In the case of a commercial transaction, the system manages the allocation of the transaction to a trade agreement. Billing documents relating to the business transaction are forwarded to FI-CA active in the SAP system. This data controls billing processes, contractual claims and commitments, taxation and processing of correspondence. You can set several trade agreements for each trading partner. Business Agreement is a basic data that can be entered into SAP CRM to manage business transactions in IS systems (IS-U, IS-T, IS-WA and IS-PS). The business agreement contains only a few boxes in the contract account. When establishing a business contract, the corresponding contractual account in SAP RM-CA is copied from a model that is a typical contract account previously accounted for in the customizing. The customizing settings and the numbering ranges must be the same in both systems. You can activate the enterprise agreement function in customizing. With this feature, you can connect the SAP ERP FI-CA component in the SAP system to SAP CRM. When creating an SAP default counterparty, you can order the system to create an SD customer with the same number as the business partner.

The data is copied by an example of a customer that was previously created in customizing. Nominated data and address data are copied from sap`s default counterparty. If the SD customer has already been created, the system copies some of the customer sample data, including non-existent sales domains. When SAPCRM is integrated into SAPRM-CA, SAPCRM`s counterparty is usually replicated for the SAP default counterparty. The SAP counterparty is sufficient for the functions of receivable and contractual liabilities. If you have activated FI-CA integration into the SAP CRM system in customizing and you have created a business contract in the “party” role, a contract account can be automatically created in the ERP system. In the business agreement, you can store control data for long-term business relationships with a trading partner. Trade agreements are shown in the table CRMM_BUAG and other `buag`. When processing commercial transactions (contract or contract), you can have a corresponding trade agreement defined by the system.

For more information, please visit Customizing for Customer Relationship Management under the basic data ® business partners ® trade agreement ® the creation of trade agreements. Key data for CRM`s business partner is exchanged with the default business partner SAP and specific CRM data with the SD customer. But which transaction maintains a business contract? crmd_order? Hello,In CRM business agreements, the basic data of business partners are themselves maintained. With the Business Agreement feature, you can connect the SAP ERP component for contractual accounts of receivables and liabilities (FI-CA) with SAP CRM. The SAPCRM trade agreement is copied into a contractual account in SAP RM-CA. The clear allocation of a business agreement to a contractual account and vice versa is always done with the unique identifier (GUID).