Traduccion De Learning Agreement

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How do I transfer translations to The Vocabulary Coach? 3. – I have achieved my goal and the calendars of the different subjects overlap. What can I do? 5. – Can I take exciting or multiple materials? The maximum number of recognized credits is a full course plus 10%, i.e. 55 ECTS points in a normal degree. This standard is exempt from common routes, as only ECTS points can be academically registered, unless the Dean requests and grants it when he is eligible; Therefore, in this case, you can detect up to 72 common route credits. Look for new subjects or courses and do the same recognition process that was done at the beginning of the learning agreement. Once you receive these new recognitions, you must change your Sigma study agreement, with them you will generate a new learning agreement that must be signed again by all three parties Each time a student leaves, you study the offer of the target university and choose the subjects that interest him, send this proposal to the coordinator of his degree by Moodle No. What the student first at Sigma is the agreement of studies, tells the themes he will perform at the University of the Target with those recognized in Cordoba. 1. – The equivalency tables published for my rank do not apply to me. Can I do more? Yes, yes.

The tables refer to the themes recognized by the coordinators during previous courses. On these issues, we must not ask for further recognition, as they have already been reviewed and tested by the respective coordinators. You also have our online dictionary pons for iOS and Android for free! 7. – How many credits can I get at most during my Erasmus stay? 2. – How can I find the subjects taught at the destination university? Yes, as long as you receive recognition from international coordinators. Google links to see the appropriate university program and, most importantly, see the language in which they are taught. If you are leaving for a semester, you must approve at least 9 ECTS points. Please note that word list terms are only available in this browser. Once you have transferred them to the vocabulary coach, they are available from any device. Do you want to add a word, expression or translation? .

4. – Is the study agreement the same as the Learning Agreement?.