In the winter holiday of 2013, after graduating from high school for three years, our high school street dance club made a plan to take a music video to commemorate our high school time. This MV mainly expresses that all of us need to tear down our own mask of hypocrisy, and to be true to who we are from inside. 

According to the performance costume, there are words of characters in front of actors that they are pretending to show to others or the personalities that are deemed by others. Nevertheless, behind the costume, the words are actually demonstrating the true mind in their deep heart, and these are the most important things that they should display to the real world.

The dance also reflects the struggle and pain when people are looking for the actual self, and finally release their emotions. In the filming process, the crew found the views in various locations near their high school. Furthermore, in the dancing part, the filming site they have chosen was an abandoned church, where the atmosphere, feeling and light are extremely suitable for the theme they want to express.

Even all the shooting equipment were the normal digital cameras, the final work obtained over half a million hits on the Internet, and the work was reported by the local press.