Iccrc Agent Agreement

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After filing a quick review form, you can be contacted by email or phone call by an independent official or an officially recognized independent representative/interpreter (if necessary and/or authorized) to discuss the possibilities of further action. Please note that we are a specialized private online referral portal and not the government and that our online referral service is free. Our employees may charge a fee for selected services. For more information on government websites, see border.gov.au (Australia), cic.gc.ca (Canada), immigration.govt.nz (New Zealand) and the relevant regulatory authorities mara.gov.au (Australia), iccrc-crcic.ca (Canada), iaa.govt.nz (New Zealand). RECORDING OF INBOUND AND OUTBOUND PHONE CALLS AND PERSONAL MEETINGS: You confirm that you understand incoming and outgoing phone calls and personal meetings at all times. You agree that your information, details and instructions will be collected and recorded by our transfer offices, by phone or orally. collected by you in another written way. It is a confirmation that you have www.iccrc-crcic.ca the Canadian immigration consultants of the Council of Regulators of Canada and the Code of Professional Ethics. You can also check the registration of LCCRC Regulated Canadian Consultants under www.iccrc-crcic.ca or, for Canadian immigration De Lawyers, on the website of their relevant legal society.

Use of authorized/regulated/authorized/registered associate agents or associate lawyers: in destination countries, the company has referral agreements with a number/list of migration agents or lawyers/lawyers (separate companies known as referral partners) who provide specific immigration advice and do so exclusively in writing. Our company attaches great importance to compliance with immigration laws and codes of conduct of government-appointed Australian, Canadian and New Zealand regulators, and independent registered agents confirm all specific immigration recommendations in writing. By contacting us in one way or another, By filling out one of our forms online or sending us instructions at every step, you agree to our corporate policy that specific immigration advice be made available and accepted and implemented by you only if it is in writing and signed by the IAA New Zealand Licensed Immigration Advisors / MARA Australia Registered Immigration Agents/ ICCRC Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants and/or Law. (For more details on these independent agents and codes of conduct, visit our official electronic registration website). This agreement is governed by New Zealand laws. CANADA – TERMES AND IMPORTANT CONDITIONS: For all Canadian applications, this company acts only as an online referral portal. The company has referral and agent agreements with a number of independent ICCRC consultants, to whom it forwards all selected applications. The client then deals directly with these independent consultants (please note that they are separate companies). Customer contracts are concluded directly with these consultants and the company is not involved in future transactions. Clients should obtain independent legal and financial advice before entering into contracts or agreements with consultants, and the company does not assume responsibility for losses, damages or negative consequences. The company is an automated website recommendation service only with regard to immigration, your contract is directly with the agent registered in your destination country who sends you their terms of engagement.