Tema Film Wedding Agreement

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The most adorable moment, but also Baper at the same time. This scene has become something we can look forward to. How Tari won Bian`s heart with her culinary talents. Slowly, force Bian to accompany the races until finally the shopping moment becomes the first step in their proximity. On the other hand, the time spent with the partner at home may suffice. It`s like watching at home with a snack like in a movie theater. Well, it turns out that simple moments are powerful enough to be made, to build closeness with a partner. It is not necessarily expensive as long as it is made with all his heart. Like Byan and Tari, they end up falling in love. Have a good time! Mia Chuz, as the author of Wedding Agreement, tries to invite her audience to be as strong as Tari. Faced with her problems, she remained patient and continued to serve her husband. But for viewers who have read the novel, she must know that there are certain scenes that are in the novel, but that are not shown in the film.

Wedding Agreement is a film from the novel of the same name by Mia Chuz. As a writer, Mia Chuz uses writing as a medium to tell the story of the phenomenon that is common in society, that is, getting married because she is married. This is what emerges from the Roman Wedding Agreement, which was later transformed into a feature film. Bian also said that he and Tari had to separate and asked Tari not to do a woman`s job. Because the film carries the theme of Islam, in Islam, which espouses the legal contract, is haram because marriage is forever and not for a temporary period. Certainly, Tari vehemently opposed it. Because he knows that marriage is not something you can play. Mia Chuz`s work was one of the most read on Wattpad before being brought to the screen. The story is based on the novel of the same name by Mia Chuz and was published on July 27, 2019. Previously, the story of the novel Mia was written on the website De Wattpad. Archie`s experience in creating the television series Neighbours Masa Gitu (Sophia Latjuba, Dwi Sasono, Chelsea Islan and Deva Mahenra) raised the issue of household use in the film Wedding Agreement.

Every scene that tells the story of Btari and Byan`s birth is full of conflicts and increases, as is Adi and Angel`s partner in The Neighbor of Masa Gitu. In some parts, sweet moments are born that help change the attitude of Byan`s character at the height of the film. Dance is demanding further compensation for Sarah`s arrival. It`s just one point less than this movie. Mia had offered her novels to several film production companies, but was turned away until Starvision Plus turned the content of the novel into a film in 2019. [3] (Tells in the novel) His parents were friendly and supportive with each other, when Bian`s family went bankrupt, Tari`s parents helped get up, so they agreed to raise their child. Mama Bian was suffering from breast cancer and often contracted chemotherapy, so Bian received the match to make her happy. Meanwhile, Tari`s parents died in an accident during the high school dance, and since then, Tari has been cared for by Pakde and her home, who had no children. The story that Mia Chuz tells in this film is different from romance in general, which only emphasizes romanticism.

The marriage agreement speaks not only of the love story of two people, but also of how a woman is dedicated to her husband and contains very important religious values. Sarah, who was back in good health to see Bian at home and was waiting for Dance to come home, finally decided to accept that her relationship with Bian didn`t go any further, Sarah told me that Aldi was still with her while she was downstairs and that she was marrying Aldi. Dance finally decides to go home, but she sees Bian and Sarah huddle around their separation, and lets the dance misunderstand, Bian tries to catch up with the dance, but Dance leaves Bian again.