Turo Car Sharing Agreement

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We create a carpool agreement for every U.S. trip you book. The agreement, combined with the details of the trip, describes the conditions that you and your host meet. You accept turo and its subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees and agents, without prejudice to and against all claims, liabilities, damages, losses and expenses, including, but not limited, reasonable legal and accounting fees arising from or in any way from: (1) your access or use of the Services, (2) your violation of these Terms, (3) your User Content, 4) your interaction with another Service User or (5) booking a vehicle or vehicle. This compensation is not limited to injuries, losses or damages (compensation, direct, accidental, consecutive or otherwise) caused by or as a result of a reservation, transfer or use of a vehicle or an optional additional situation. This compensation provision is a fundamental part of the basis of the good deal between you and Turo. It applies to the extent permitted by current legislation and all aspects considered unenforceable are separated while maintaining the rest. right to opt-out arbitration; procedure. IF YOU ARE A NEW TURO USER, YOU CAN OPTER FOR THE ACCORD OF DEPART BY EMAILING US to THE OPT-OUT NOTICE TO ARBITRATIONOPTOUT@TURO.COM (“OPT-OUT NOTICE”) THE OPT-OUT NOTICE MUST BE IN 30 DAYS AFTER THE DATE YOU ACCEPT THESE TERMES FOR THE FIRST TIME To opt out, you must send your full name, address (including address, city, land and zip code) and your /e-mail with your Turo account by email to arbitrationoptout@turo.com. This procedure is the only way to contradict the agreement.

If you decide not to accept the conciliation agreement, all other provisions of the agreement will continue to apply to you, including the forum selection clause below, which Phoenix, Arizona, states. If you lose the ability to offer commercial rental insurance to your customers (z.B. your policy has been terminated or not renewed), you must immediately change the condition of your vehicle. If the change is temporary, you can sleep your vehicle (s). If you need to permanently change your vehicle`s protection plan to a protection plan made available through the Services, contact us at the support.turo.com. Never let a customer pick up a vehicle or continue to use a vehicle without offering insurance coverage. There is personal vehicle sharing legislation that may apply to you. For more information, click here. To participate in our marketplace and choose a protection plan offered by Turo, you must be in the province of Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario or Quebec. Although your personal insurance is not eligible for a Turo transaction, your personal insurer must authorize your participation in personal car sharing.